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Parfums Frapin : Bois Blanc

At Frapin, we work and live far from the major cities. Our personal and professional lives follow the circadian rhythm of days and nights, the changing of the seasons, the wind blowing in the trees.

This closeness to nature sustains us more than one might think. We model nature and are modeled by it, surrounded as we are by meadows, vines, rivers and woods.

This proximity is the hallmark of our style, our essence, our elegance. We admire wood, work it, drink it and smell it. This wood is our age-old wisdom. We listen to its lessons and secrets. It's verticality shows us the only way forward, that of ascending. It is at times hot, enveloping, aromatic or deep. It strongly underscores our style; that of Bois Blanc.

Top notes - Bitter Orange Essence, Mandarin Essence, Eucalyptus Essence, Rosemary Essence, Ginger Essence

Mid notes - Sage Essence, Virginian Cedarwood Essence, Violet Leaf Essence

Base notes - Ambroxan, Guaiac wood Essence, Cade wood Essence

Eau de parfum - 100ml

Made in France

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