April Vase

By Tsé & Tsé Associées

The April Vase has a metallic structure with 21 interlocking glass tubes which can be articulated in numerous ways. You can also fragment the April Vase into two distinct segments. Better still, if you’re lucky enough to own several, you can stretch it out infinitely.

A few flowers is all it takes to adorn this signature vase.

After using it in water, the metal will oxidize and a beautiful “white rust” will appear. 

Clean with a bottlebrush (and a little white vinegar to remove any lime deposits), or remove the tubes from the metal structure and pop them in the dishwasher (Metal structure is not dishwasher safe). A spare glass tube is included.

Tubes diameter : 3 cm (1.2")

Height: 15 cm (5.9")

Length: From 18 to 74 cm (7" to 29.1")

Material: Zinc coated metal and glass.


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